YALI® - sustainable combination of ecology and economy


YALI® is a high-quality natural product of volcanic origin, which is available in large quantities without production energy, is decomposed in an environmentally friendly way and can be transported with low CO² emissions.

YALI® is therefore an ecological and economical building material that can be used without long-term pollution, alteration and ecological consequential costs to the detriment of the environment and climate.

Purity of pumice

YALI® an organically and inorganically pure natural material.


The YALI® grain consists of approx. 85 % air in the form of very fine pores.

Consistent quality

YALI® can be conveyed, screened and loaded in large quantities with consistent quality in a short time.


YALI® Consistent quality.


The YALI® deposit currently comprises around 100 million tonnes.

Technical properties

YALI® is a natural raw material

without organic and inorganic impurities

is very environmentally friendly has a low specific weight
has excellent insulating properties  has soundproofing properties
is fire resistant  has excellent mechanical strength
has a uniform white colour  has a uniform quality


YALI® is a light and ecological natural product and an ideal aggregate for environmentally friendly and sustainable products and projects

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