Lightweight Filling Material

YALI® is a natural product whose physical, chemical and mechanical features make it an ideal lightweight filling material for numerous geotechnical applications.

YALI® features:

  • low grain density
    The grain density of YALI® does not exceed 800 kg/m on the dry product (105 °/24 hours). This is particularly beneficial because it reduces loads and sideward tension. Transport costs can be decreased and handling is facilitated. Because of its excellent thermal insulation features, YALI® offers protection against extreme variations in temperature.
  • high internal friction angle
    YALI® is available with a uniform grain size distribution, which combined with the high internal friction angle increases the cohesion and stability of the product without the need to use other and additional minerals.
  • chemical inactivity
    YALI® does not corrode and is not chemically attacked. It also has pozzolanic features.


These excellent features of YALI® are utilized in the United States, Europe, the Mediterranean and the Arabian Peninsula. Applications as a light filling material for geotechnical purposes are wide. YALI® can be used for:

  • road plasters,
  • road construction,
  • harbor construction,
  • bridge construction and
  • embankments.

YALI® has proven to be a highly efficient and competitive material, offering solutions for difficult landfill and embankment situations.

The properties of YALI® are particularly important when a soft or unstable bedrock is encountered. Use of YALI® helps to reduce loads and avoid landslides. Therefore, YALI® is particularly suitable for road construction on swampy grounds. YALI® will help to produce a highly compressed and stable basis for heavy-duty surface areas of roads or building sites.