Lightweight filling material

YALI® is a purely natural product whose physical, chemical and mechanical properties make it an ideal and lightweight filling material for numerous geotechnical applications.

Characteristics of YALI®:

  •     Bulk density, grain density and grain strength

    The bulk density of YALI® is between 650 kg/m3 and 830 kg/m3 for the dry product (105° /24 hours), the average raw grain density is between 0.98 and 1.01 and the average grain strength is 21.2 kN. These properties reduce loads and lateral stresses, minimize transport costs and facilitate handling. Thanks to its excellent thermal insulation properties, YALI® offers protection against extreme temperature fluctuations.

  •     High internal friction angle

    YALI® is available with a uniform particle size distribution, a property which, together with the high internal friction angle, increases the cohesion and stability of the product without the use of minerals.

  •     Chemical Inactivity

    YALI® is frost and heat resistant, does not corrode and is not chemically attacked. It also has pozzolanic properties.


These excellent properties of YALI® are used in the United States, Europe, the Mediterranean region and on the Arabian Peninsula as a lightweight filling material for a wide range of different geotechnical applications, e.g:

  •     for road paving,
  •     in road and path construction,
  •     for harbour construction work,
  •     for bridge construction and
  •     in dam construction.

YALI® has proven to be a highly versatile and competitive material - it offers solutions for difficult land filling and embankment situations.

The properties of YALI® become particularly important in soft or unstable ground, e.g. in road and waterway construction, in order to reduce loads and prevent landslides. YALI® is therefore particularly suitable in road construction for the production of surfaces with high load-bearing capacity for roads and building plots on soft and wet subsoil.