YALI® Availability

YALI® - The volcanic pumice

YALI® is a pure natural material without organic or inorganic contamination. The individual YALI® grain consists of approx. 85 % air in the form of very fine pores. This porous structure of YALI® results in a low volume weight of approx. 700 kg/m3. The average grain strength is 21.2 kN. The underwater weight is approx. 100 kg/m3. YALI® is therefore impressive because of its weight, grain strength and white colour.

YALI® was created during a volcanic eruption on the island of Nysiros. The hot volcanic material was first ejected into the sea, thereby "quenching" it and cooling it abruptly. The sudden cooling changed the structure of the pumice, giving it pozzolanic properties. This pozzolanic property distinguishes YALI® from all other slowly cooled pumice types and makes YALI® an ideal aggregate for all cementitious products.

The YALI® deposit on the island of Giali still contains around 100 million tonnes today. The mine's production and loading facilities can extract, screen, store and load thousands of tonnes of YALI® of consistent quality in a very short time. YALI® can therefore be used in large quantities in building construction, civil engineering, road construction, hydraulic engineering, landscaping and horticulture - including large-scale projects. You can find YALI® grain sizes here.

The YALI® brand is protected as European Community trademark No. 004933008 for building materials, pipes (not made of metal) for construction purposes, asphalt, pitch and bitumen, transportable structures (not made of metal) and monuments (not made of metal), which are made of pumice from the island of Gyali or are manufactured with this pumice.