YALI® is an organically and inorganically pure natural material. A YALI® grain consists of approximately 85% air in form of very fine pinholes. This porous structure of YALI® results in a low volume weight of about 700 kg/m3. Yet, the grain strength is at an average of 21.2 kN. The underwater weight amounts to about 100 kg/m3. Thus, YALI® impresses with its weight, its grain strength and its white color.

YALI® fell as hot mass directly into water after a volcanic eruption on the island of Nissiros. The material was "quenched" and thus obtained pozzolan features. This distinguishes YALI® from other slow-cooled pumice.

The YALI® deposit covers approximately 100 million tons. The production and loading facilities of the mine are able to convey, sieve, load and store thousands of tons of YALI® in the same quality in a respectively short time. YALI® can therefore be used in major projects including building construction, underground construction, road construction, hydraulic construction, landscaping and horticulture. Available YALI® grades can be found here.

YALI® is protected as European trade mark (No 004933008) for building materials, non-metallic pipes for building, asphalt, pitch and bitumen, non-metal and non-metal monuments, made of, or with pumice of the island of Gyali.