The Yali® product range includes the grain compositions listed below. These are the most common and most used grain sizes. Yali® is produced in these basic grain sizes on Gyali and stored for transport.

The different grain sizes can be mixed with each other as required to meet your specific needs. We would be happy to work out an individually tailored recipe with you.

0 - 3 mm

Fine YALI®, sand-like, which is ideal for the production of white, lime-bonded thermal insulation blocks with a smooth surface, as well as mortar and fine plaster.  

Due to its low fine content, < 1mm, this grain size is easy to mix with other materials.

0 - 8 mm

YALI® with a granular content for the production of cement-bound pumice building materials, which is also ideally suited for the production of mortar and structured fine plaster.

2 - 10 mm

YALI® - grain of medium size with low fine content, which is particularly suitable for the production of lightweight concrete elements and other cement-bound pumice building materials and can be used very well for green roofs, for the renovation of cellars and for the insulation of attics.  

0 - 16 mm

YALI®, uniformly screened with low grain density and high grain strength, which can be used above all for refining cement-bound pumice building materials, for green roofs and for damp and poorly load-bearing subsoils in road and path construction as well as in sports and golf course construction.