The Quarry

The pumice deposit on the island of Gyali amounts to about 100 million tons and is the largest deposit of pumice in Greece. Currently the annual production rate averages at 1 million tons.

In the case of steady production, the YALI® deposit will be available beyond the year 2100.

Mining and Loading

Mining is conducted by opencast mining using dozers. The material is then transported via an automated conveyor belt system for further processing.

The pumice is then sieved into its different grain sizes. The sieved grain sizes are stored separately from each other.

The loading again takes place by means of a conveyor belt directly into sea vessels. The loading place can handle vessels of up to 26,000.00 MTS.

The storage capacity of several hundred thousand MTS and shipment in large vessels allow us to provide YALI® in short time with consistent quality even for large projects.