Building Industry

YALI® is a lightweight and ecologically natural product. It is an ideal aggregate for the production of cement and lime-bound brick materials and finished products. It is used as a natural granulate in mortars and plasters.

Numerous industries in Europe, the United States of America and the Arab States use the outstanding features of YALI® in the production of high-quality construction products in accordance with international standards to meet the requirements of modern construction.

With YALI®, building materials can be produced under addition of water and cement or lime. All properly produced products will meet the requirements for heat protection, sound insulation and fire protection. YALI® building materials are produced without use of chemicals and without harmful exhaust fumes.

YALI® - building materials are non-flammable and do not smoulder under fire. Also, the building materials create no hazardous emissions. YALI® - building materials are fully recyclable and are not harmful to water in landfills or dumps.